‘Blue Bloods’ season 5, episode 16 review: Heroics and hardships

Friday night, “Blue Bloods” aired an episode that was in many ways indicative of this February sweeps month. It had an important series of cases at the center of it, but also had rare moments of introspection for Frank, Danny being a hero, and a pretty perfect ending where the Reagans reminded each other of what really matters the most: Family, and being there fore each other.

There were many different threads going on here at the same time, but raising the money for a proper burial of course has to be at the top in terms of waterworks; convincing people to give is not always easy, and these are small crises that are sometimes easy to ignore.

As for Danny, this was just a good episode for him almost all around that showed off some of the better sides of his personality. Did we learn anything new about him? Not really, but we often don’t, other than that he tends to rise to almost any occasion and makes an effort to save the day.

The most interesting story to us, almost by far, was Frank’s choice when it comes to Sam, who Garrett wanted to free after his arrest, arguing that he needed rehab and a way to ensure that his spirit was not broken. Frank initially disagreed, arguing that a harsher punishment was in order. This was a mirror to different styles of how you care for those you love; we’re not sure that there is a right answer here, and maybe it’s case by case. Ultimately, though, what these men had to realize is that Frank never had anyone quite like Sam, and he may not be the right authority for this decision … even if he is an authority nonetheless. Grade: B.

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