‘Justified’ season 6, episode 6 review: Who knows about Raylan, Ava romance?

JustifiedLast time on “Justified” we saw the episode end with a kiss between Ava and Raylan, something we really didn’t expect and didn’t much care for. We know that they had a relationship at the beginning of the show and it faded out, and we really didn’t need to see them kiss to know that he still cares for her and doesn’t actually want any harm to come to her from being his CI. Is this going to develop into something more?

Boyd: When he comes home to find Raylan in Ava’s house he’s instantly jealous, but the two of them are able to quell his fear that there is anything going on. Although he seems to trust Ava, he still puts a babysitter on her just in case Avery comes after him while he’s off in an old mine trying to break into the pizza vault.  After a near death experience in the mine, Ava’s uncle sends Boyd back to the surface, but it looks like it was no accident and Ava’s uncle is behind it.

Calhoon: With Calhoon dead the crew decides to clean up the mess by dumping his body in the woods and sending Choo Choo out to take care of the woman he was seeing (who also witnessed them walking into his office). Nothing goes as planned: Avery finds out that his boys killed Calhoon (and he’s not happy) and Choo Choo meets up with the woman and ends up liking her. Avery sends his men to kill Choo Choo, but Raylan and Tim show up and a shoot out ensues leaving Choo Choo shot but on the run… he doesn’t make it far though and dies. Also Catherine is surprised when Avery proposes marriage to her, but does he really want to marry her or is this something else?

Raylan: Is Raylan too close to Ava now that they have reignited their romance? That’s what everyone at the station is wondering as they suspect that they are sleeping together again. We were wondering if Raylan was going to get pulled off this case and sent packing, but Rachel left him on the case… be sure though that she’s going to be watching him closely.

We were a little surprised to see Limehouse turn on Ava at the end of the episode and rat on her to Boyd, but Limehouse always has good reason for doing things and if he can find a way to turn a bad situation with Boyd into a profitable one then we don’t put anything past Limehouse. The only real question left is this: How is Ava going to get out of this one? Episode grade: C+

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