ABC’s ‘Castle’ season 7, episode 16 review: Do Castle, Beckett need a bigger place?

Castle -Last time on “Castle” we finally wrapped up the case of 3XK as Jerry Tyson is now dead, along with Kelly Neiman, but this is not the only mystery out there still haunting us this season. Castle went missing for 2 months and it hasn’t really been address after some mysterious man told Castle to stop looking for answers and for some reason he did. It was a loose end that many fans want to see wrapped up since it’s a little hard to buy into this story that no one is ever going to look into this missing time. will we get any answers tonight?

Castle was in for a bit of an awakening as he came home to find Alexis playing laser tag with her friends. Not only that but Martha also has a new man in the loft and he’s wearing Castle’s pajamas – his favorite pajamas. He starts to re-evaluate his home life and tells Beckett that the loft is feeling cramped these days with so many people living there. He decides to call a family meeting (not to throw anyone out but to work out some schedules), but Martha cancels it so that she can talk to Castle and Beckett alone. She tells them that she realizes the space is overcrowded with her new man and Alexis’ friends so she’s decided to look for a place of her own. She also acknowledges that there may be some more little Castle’s running around at some point and that it’s time for her to move out. We have to agree. While we like Martha, it doesn’t make a lot of sense for Castle’s mother to be living with him when she is able to live on her own and support herself. Give the man some space – he’s a married man!

We were a little surprised to learn that Castle applied to go to space a few years back during a period of time that he was fighting with Beckett. We get that he’s kind of a man-child sometimes, but it’s hard to believe that he would’ve left the planet just because they had a fight. Also  -still no movement on Castle’s 2 month disappearance. Episode grade: C+

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