‘The Walking Dead’ season 5, episode 11 review: How does Aaron know Rick?

Aaron walking deadOn the last episode of “The Walking Dead” we ran into Aaron, a mysterious man who knows Rick and wants to have words with him. Who is he and how does he know Rick? We expect some answers tonight and we are sure that Rick and the group do too.

So what does Aaron want? He is part of a community and he’s there to convince everyone to come back to their group – after the swell time everyone had in Terminus almost getting eaten it will take a lot of convincing. After hearing a bit of what Aaron has to say Rick punches him in the face.

Aaron and his group have been following them for a long time and wants them as part of their group because they are resourceful and survivors that haven’t turned on each other. Rick doesn’t want to go, but Michonne is so focused on finding a place that they can live, she, Maggie, Glenn, Rosita and Abraham go to check out the cars waiting to take them back to the camp.

When they get to the area Aaron described, there is a car and a camper waiting and it’s full of food to take them back to the community. Michonne makes the decision that she wants to go back to Aaron’s camp, and the group agrees, but Rick wants to do it his way to make sure this isn’t another Terminus or Woodybury situation.

Rick decides to go to the camp at night with the group when the community is not expecting them, this way he can get a feel for the place before they commit. When Michonne looks at Aaron’s pictures that he brought from the community, she notices that there are no photos of any people and everyone starts to get nervous.

After running into a huge group of walkers on the way back Michonne, Aaron, Rick and Glenn lose their car and are left to flee on foot, and Glenn saves Aaron from certain death.

Later the group meets up with Eric, Aaron’s boyfriend (who Maggie has helped with an injured leg), and they decide to stay the night in a random house they found for the night and will head out to their camp (also called Alexandria) in the morning. They head out the next morning, and right before geting there Rick hides a gun just outside the walls (just in case.) WHen they get there, he hears children playing and laughing and he has hope again… it may not b a lot, but it’s a start.

We really felt for Rick in this episode, because he obviously wants to protect the group, but he also wants to find a place that they can all settle down. Aaron seems too good to be true. Episode grade: B+

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