‘Real World: Skeletons’ episode 11 preview: Who want to see Jason’s baby?

Jason real worldThings were pretty heated on the last episode of “The Real World” as Bruno dealt with his anger in the worst way possible, but as intense as things can be in this house, next week we are going to have a chance to see something cute, and adorable that will put the biggest smile on your face.

Jason has been excited to become a father and that moment is finally here! The mother of his child will be giving birth to his baby girl and he will have a chance to meet her for the first time and hold her in his arms. Seeing a big guy like Jason holding his tiny little daughter for the first time is definitely something you don’t want to miss because it’s memorizing. Jason has been a rock this season for a lot of people and someone that the house really looks up to, so we know he’s going to jump into fatherhood with both feet and have a great time learning his new role as dad.

Of course outside of seeing Jason’s baby girl, we are going to have another skeleton arrive to the house and there’s only so many people left that haven’t had a turn on this horrifying ride: Madison and Jason. With Madison having such a rough life before coming on the show we worry about her skeleton and just how far the producers of this show are willing to go for drama… there has to be a reason why she was left to the end.

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