‘Parks and Recreation’ season 7: Meet Mayor Walter Gunderson!

The latest -Well, “Parks and Recreation” is very good at keeping a secret. They also apparently seem to have that special phone number you can call to leave a message to Bill Murray.

During Tuesday night’s new episode, the NBC show revealed what was a major shock to just about everyone, as it turned out that it was none other than the “Caddyshack” legend in the role! With that being said, Murray did not actually end up saying anything; he was just dead, lying in a casket for a scene. This is precisely the sort of thing that Murray would sign up for, given how offbeat he tends to be. It’s a shock in the first place that he was convinced to do a TV role; then again, Amy Poehler and him both share connections to “Saturday Night Live,” and maybe they used some of their mutual connections to make something like this happen.

This guest casting is just the latest thing that is adding to the mystique of this excellent final season of the show. We already had our favorite episode of the entire series in “Leslie and Ron,” and the show has already given some great send-offs to some supporting guest stars. As we near the end of the series, we imagine that even more surprises could be in store. Just think about this for a moment, though; if the show can bring in Murray, why in the world has Paul Schneider not returned since season 2? We didn’t love the Mark character or anything, but it’s bizarre.

NBC captured the Murray moment for your enjoyment, courtesy of their Twitter below.

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