‘Madam Secretary’ spoilers: Dual challenges in ‘The Ninth Circle’

The ninth circle is a place you never want to be … at least if you are a reader of Dante. While we cannot say for certain that there is an Inferno reference within the title for the fifteenth episode of “Madam Secretary” season 1, it certainly seems that way. After all, it could feel for Elizabeth like she is in the innermost circle of Hell.

When this episode airs on Sunday, March 8, you are going to see Tea Leoni’s character try to keep the peace with Turkey, and ensure that the CIA does not have their global reputation completely destroyed. Of course, there is also an issue here that comes courtesy of Elizabeth’s home life. We cannot say we’re as thrilled about that part of the story, but we never really are with these sort of shows. You’re far more limited in your options.

CBS just released the full synopsis for this episode earlier today; be sure to take a look at that below:

“Elizabeth heads to Turkey to mend political relations after the Turkish government releases a video that could be damaging to the CIA. Also, Jason is threatened with expulsion after punching a bully at school.”

There is a major part of the episode that reminds us a little bit of “Blue Bloods,” given that you have this balance of big government issues and family problems. The great thing here is that sometimes you get a different twist on stories that you don’t see on other shows. The downside? It makes storylines that could be a little polarizing.

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