‘The Walking Dead’ season 3, episode 3 review: Michonne, The Governor and Woodbury

Last week on “The Walking Dead” we had a lot of focus on Rick and the crew at the prison, but this week the focus is going to shift onto two of our favorite women on this show: Andrea and Michonne.

When Andrea and Michonne see a helicopter crash they head over to find that the whole crew is dead except for the pilot named Welles. Before they can really investigate further another group of survivors shows up to do an investigation of their own, so Andrea and Michonne hide. Unfortunately Michonne’s two walkers can’t keep quite and she decides to decapitate them… very difficult decision for her since these are two men that were very important in her life. Even though she lost her walkers, the women are still found… by Merle! Yup he’s back and even though he is missing his hand (that he cut off when handcuffed and left for dead on the roof top in Atlanta), he’s still going strong.

Woodbury has been hyped up all pre-season as a place to fear, but when Merle brings the women there it looks like a great place to live. There are well kept homes, order, happiness and above all it looks safe. They are introduced to the man in charge that everyone calls The Governor and he shows the women just how wonderful their little society really is. He offers them shelter and to stay in their town until they have a chance to recover before heading out again and Andrea happily agrees. Michonne on the other hand doesn’t trust this situation (but does she ever really trust anything?), wants her weapon back and wants the to leave, but Andrea persuades her to stay for a little while.

Of course the Governor is not the handsome charmer that he seems to be and he’s actually quite ruthless, killing people he promises to help, keeping their heads as trophies (including Michonne’s two walkers) and enjoying time in his creepy man cave filled with death and sadness.

This was a great introduction to the Governor, he’s everything we were hoping that he would be. We are curious to see how long it will be before Andrea and Michonne find out just how nasty he can be and with Michonne already wary of this whole situation we think it might be sooner rather then later. Episode grade: A-

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