‘King of the Nerds’ season 3, episode 7 review: Double elimination! Also a tribute to Leonard Nimoy

Ben -So now that the teams are dissolved on “King of the Nerds” will there really be any difference in what we’ve already seen? Probably not considering that the secret six (now secret 5) might as well stick together to get rid of Kaitlin, who is now the only person left in the game not in the alliance. How long can she hold on?

Nerd war: The theme of the nerd war “anything and everything nerdy”, but now that it’s every nerd for themselves only the contestant that wins this challenge is safe from the nerd off. Amanda and Raychelle were a little worried when Curtis and Bobby told them to go back and study everything nerdy ever in creation since the other people there are pros at studying (many have been in school forever and are professionals at studying), but we just watched Amanda beat a Jeopardy champion so they can’t sell themselves short.

They will all be given categories and have to place items into the categorizes. If a contestant gets two wrong, they not only get eliminated but also get sprayed in the face with alien goo. Lily was the first to get gooed and the first to be eliminated. It comes down to Raychelle and Ben, but the category is “Game of Thrones” and Raychelle hasn’t seen the show or read the books making Ben the winner and safe with immunity.

Amanda and Lily were the first two nerds eliminated from the nerd war and were put up for banishment immediately. They are given a category (elements on the periodic table) and Amanda went home, but if you think that’s then end of the nerds going home, then you are are going to be disappointed. Double elimination is coming!

Nerd off: Because Ben won he gets to pick one person to go into the nerd off and the other four have to pick the other person to go in. Kaitlin is sure she is going in and expects it, but not because of the alliance, it’s because she is a huge threat and has been in the nerd off twice and won. Ben chooses Raychelle, and the group puts in Lily and we are shocked that Kaitlin wasn’t nominated since she could easily win this show if she isn’t put into every nerd off. They had to play a huge board game called “pocket nerds” and the game is really capture the flag. Raychelle makes a huge mistake and it throws her off as Lily starts to take out all of her game pieces, but Raychelle knows where her flag is and starts racing for it… but so does Lily. It ends up coming down to just one choice and the game is so close, but Lily wins the nerd off and we lose Raychelle.

We were happy to see that the secret six is really over now, because as great as it is for the group to have the alliance, it’s been pretty boring TV to watch. It was very cool to have the twist that all of the nerds are back for the finale next week and they each get to pledge allegiance to one of the four remaining nerds to help them win the game. Also, we loved the tribute card to Leonard Nimoy at the end of the show – “King of the Nerds” really understands what a loss this was to everyone and we love them for it. Episode grade: B+

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