‘The Blacklist’ season 2, episode 12 review: More Glen (but still no Tom)

The Blacklist logo any seasonLast time on “The Blacklist” we saw Liz’s secret about Tom, her time on the boat with him and the murder of the harbor master all come crashing down. The detective investigating the disappearance of the harbor master has discovered the body by the only eye witness to the whole debacle and now we wonder where things are going to land for Liz. Tom is gone who knows where, and Liz isn’t speaking to Reddington for anything that’s not work related, so how is she going to get out of this mess?

While that investigation is still open, “The Kenyon Family” chose to not waste a whole lot of time diving into that story. Instead, what we had here was an episode for the most part all about a story of the week, with a nice little tease at the end about Red calling the number from Fitch’s safe, and getting a mysterious voice on the other side.

The best part about the episode was the welcome return of DMV man Glen, who is one of the best characters in Team Red. He’s so bizarre, quirky, and interesting to watch. Also, this show perfectly paints the picture of how terrible the DMV can really be sometimes. We actually saw him leave the office to go on a longer mission this week, even if it wasn’t one that we consider to be particularly memorable. We prefer our Blacklisters when they at least have some sort of larger connection to the outside world.

On the Liz / Red relationship front, little has changed. She’s still infuriated by the thought of him in a post “Luther Braxton” world, and refused his offer of a better apartment rather than that hotel room. Clearly, things are not thawing here, and may not for a little while.

It’s a good thing that the promo after this episode teased a potential Tom Keen return, since the show sorely needs him. The presence of Glen helped boost this cast slightly following a weaker episode last time, but it still feels like we’re buying time and waiting for the true action to begin. Episode grade: C+.

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