‘Justified’ season 6, episode 5 review: Are there still feelings between Raylan and Ava?

Who is in the most trouble when it comes to the characters on “Justified”? As far up the creek as Boyd is this season we think the person who’s really in the most trouble here is Ava. She is working with Raylan, working over Boyd (and possibly falling in love with him again) and Catherine has let it be known that she knows a lot more about Ava’s release from prison then she thinks. We worry about Ava surviving this finale season and with good reason: There’s just no way for her to get out of this situation with the happy ending she is looking for.

Boyd: Now that Boyd knows the reason behind Avery buying up all the land he is excited at the prospect of getting his hands on the land first, growing his own crops and living happily ever after with Ava (he even put the engagement ring back on her finger), but Ava is still on edge after her lunch with Catherine. Boyd has convinced all of the land owners not to sell to Avery while he tries to find a different way to get into that pizza vault cash. He contacts Ava’s uncle and after some convincing, he agrees to help Boyd as the old mining crew gets together to break into the vault from the outside.

Ava: She can’t handle the pressure of lying to Boyd, working with Raylan and Catherine suspecting that she is an informant, so she asks Raylan to cut her loose, but of course he won’t. He’s promised her that after she helps him get an indictment against Boyd that she will go into witness protection but she doesn’t want that life. She tosses her phone away, goes to Limehouse to get a different car and plans to go on the lamb, but Ralan is able to thwart her plans and convince her to stay and keep working for him. She tells him at the end of the deal she wants cash and to be sent out of the country to start somewhere new and he agrees.

Fekus: The race for Fekus is on as Catherine wants him so she can find out for sure if Ava is an informant and Rachel and Tim are looking for him to make sure he doesn’t talk. Fortunately for Ava, Tim and Rachel got to him first and hid in the next room while Wynn Duffy tortured him until he felt sure that Fekus really didn’t know if Ava was an informant.

We were a little surprised to see Ava kiss Raylan at the end of the episode – although they had something together in the past, it was a life time ago and that chemistry is long gone. Wasn’t our favorite move by the show. Episode grade: C+

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