ABC’s ‘Castle’ season 7, episode 15 review: Is Beckett dead and was Castle arrested?

Castle -When we last saw Beckett on “Castle” she was in some serious trouble. Kelly Nieman and a man that looks like Jerry Tyson hatched a plan to have her kidnapped. So what’s going to happen next? Well we know that Castle, Ryan and the team realized too late when it comes to just how much trouble Beckett is in, but at least they have figured it out. Hopefully we will see everyone swing into action right away to get her back safely.

Castle is determined to find Beckett and his first contact is with Neiman who is of course denying that she had anything to do with Beckett’s abduction saying that she was with everyone at the station when it happened.

Next Castle goes rouge and attacks Michael/Tyson in his apartment, pointing a gun at him and demanding Beckett’s whereabouts, but Michael keeps denying that he is Tyson and that he knows nothing. Police bust in and arrest Castle and Michael/Tyson is pressing charges leaving Ryan no choice but to book Castle and release Michael/Tyson once again.

Later they get a lead on the stolen red van that Beckett was taken in and they find who they think is Beckett tied to a chair in a warehouse. When they get there, she screams that it’s a trap and to get back and then she is shot over and over before the crew can rescue her. So is she really dead? No, instead it’s a woman that resembled Beckett and a recording of Beckett’s voice – another way to break Castle and to break us as viewers…. even though we knew it couldn’t be Beckett, it was a great set up.

So where is Beckett? Neiman has her strapped to a table and Neiman is getting ready to work her magic and change Beckett’s face. Will Castle find her in time?

When Castle learns where Tyson is likely keeping Beckett, Castle heads out there himself with a gun (because clearly that worked so well for him the first time around). Castle gets to the house and learns that Amy is working with Tyson and Neiman and she tells him that she was sent to wait at the house and that no one else is there. He throws her in the trunk in the car and heads to the house, but Beckett’s not there, instead he runs into Tyson. Turns out that even thought Tyson thought he was playing Castle, it was the other way around and Castle and the team were able to shoot Tyson. They were too late to save Beckett, but she didn’t need saving since she was able to take Neiman down and get out with her own face still intact.

After 7 seasons, it’s nice to know that this show can still make us fear that our main characters could actually die. Very difficult to do and we appreciate it when a crime procedural can make us worry. Also as much as we liked Castle P.I. we were happy to see Castle reinstated at the station. Episode grade: A-

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