‘Hawaii Five-0’ season 5, episode 16 review: Michelle Wie schools Steve in golf

Wie - Last week on “Hawaii Five-0” we saw Danny dealing with Grace and her first date, but this week it looks like the focus will be on Danny himself when it comes to the romance department.

Since the death of Danny’s brother, he’s been laying low and not really putting in the time needed to keep his relationships going, but he wants to change that. He meets up with Amber, and surprises her with a weekend away together at a friends beach front villa. He’s cleared it with her boss, he’s put their phones away and he’s ready to put the work in to get that relationship back on track. She was very understanding of what Danny went through and has said that she’s not going anywhere so he should take all the time he needs, but it seems that he’s ready to move into his future and she’s part of that.

Things start to get a little weird when another man claiming to be Amber’s boyfriend starts showing a picture of them together looking all cozy around town looking for her. After Chin digs deeper he learns that the man looking for Amber is actually her husband and that since coming to Hawaii she’s changed her name to hide from him. She was a victim of domestic abuse from the hands of her husband – the team tries to get in touch with Danny and Amber, but they’ve gone off the grid. Unfortunately, the husband finds Danny and Amber before the team does and Danny gets stabbed in a fight to save Amber. Amber puts Danny in his car and goes to drive him to the hospital, but not before running her psycho husband down with his car and killing him (on purpose and in front of Danny).

It was also really cool to see a cameo from Michelle Wie as she rolled up on the golf course and gave Steve a little bit of help with his golf swing in an attempt to help him get ready for a big golf game where he’s representing the Five-0 team (and trust us when we say he needs all the help he can get!)

We were a little surprised to see that Danny had no reaction to Amber running her husband down and killing him, he is a cop after all. We get that he cares for Amber, but this wasn’t self defense. Episode grade: B-

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