CBS’ ‘CSI’ season 15, episode 17 review: Is Nick Stokes leaving the team?

We are coming up on the final two episodes of “CSI” season 15 and they are 2 very important episodes. The show has not been renewed yet and many people are speculating this is not fact folks) that because of how the network kept pushing new episodes back for football and then airing a few in a night, it has felt like they are burning the episodes off to make room for something else.

John Nolan, head of forensics in San Diego, is brought when his 13 (Cara) and 17 year old (Lexie) daughters go missing. This is someone that Nick knows very well and John even offered Nick a job with his unit a few years back.

There was a really awesome guest appearance by Lisa Rinna, (who we love), playing the mother of the two missing girls. We learn that she was more interested in being friends to the girls then being a mother when she and John divorced, Lexie went with her and Cara went with John.

When Lexie turns up dead,it pushes the team to find Cara before the same thing happens to her. When they get a lead Nick takes off to find Cara alive, but being held by some random psycho that snatched her from a mall. After Nick saves her, John tells him that he’s decided to retire and spend more time with his family and that he wants Nick to take over as head of the crime lab in San Diego. Is Nick going to leave the “CSI” team?

For the most part we really love “CSI”, but they have really dropped the ball on tying up some loose ends, like what ever happened to Julie’s new boyfriend? She was really going to try to have a relationship with this Mark guy after being a bit of a commitment-phobe for so long and then we never saw him again. It’s hard to invest in character’s personal stories when they never move forward. We hope that isn’t going to happen with Nick’s story and thatwe will have a conclusion to this job offer. Episode Grade: C+

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