‘Survivor: Worlds Apart’ castaway spotlight: Will So Kim win in perfect fashion?

So Kim has had an interesting road to “Survivor: Worlds Apart.” She was originally meant to be on “San Juan del Sur,” but due to her and her loved one having to drop out for medical reasons, we had a season that started off with an uneven number of male and female players.

Now, she gets a real shot at playing this game, albeit in a different way than she probably first expected. Will she do well with this group? While she’s an interesting castaway based on what we’ve seen and read about her so far, and we’re reasonably confident that she could win this game, there may still be a thing or two that gives her trouble.

Name – So Kim

Age – 31

Location – Long Beach, California

Occupation – Retail buyer. Basically, she finds fashions and delivers them to a major departure store. If you ever saw that show “Fashion Star,” we’re assuming that it’s somewhat similar to that.

Tribe – Masaya a.k.a. White Collar

Strengths – She’s a risk-taker, as shown by her choice to completely “reinvent herself” per her CBS bio and moving all the way across the country after going through a divorce. She’s also smart, and feels like she will be a strong, strategic player. She claims to also be physically strong, and funny enough to never come across as too huge of a threat to the other players.

Weaknesses – Maybe she is a little too desperate to prove that she can be a great player, given how many times she utters the words “strategic” in her video from Nicaragua below. Also, we’re not sure just how familiar she is with this game beyond just a couple of seasons. She compares herself to Parvati (very original), Ozzy, and Cochran, all from recent seasons, and with so many game-players this season, a more extensive history with the show is a plus.

Past “Survivor” comparison – We’d go with maybe Monica Padilla from “Samoa,” though there are also some Kim Spradlin similarities at least in that she works in fashion, and Kim had also gone through a divorce right before playing the game.

Prediction – If this was a two-tribe season, we feel like So Kim could make some good moves early on to set herself up for a deep run. It’ll be a little harder to be under the radar in six-person tribes. She could be in trouble early on, but if she can form a large alliance and keep them together, we do think she has what it takes to go very far.

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