‘Agent Carter’ episode 7 preview: Can Hayley Atwell’s Peggy regain trust?

Can you believe that “Agent Carter” is already so close to the end of the road? it is somewhat crazy to think about, but come a week from Tuesday, the show is going to be at that fated conclusion … which could end up being the series finale. The ratings have not necessarily been outstanding, so regardless of however great Hayley Atwell is in this role, the future is relatively unclear. (If the show does end, it will probably just be billed as a “limited series” not meant to be back.)

On next week’s new episode, the primary question is whether or not Peggy can use her resources to convince everyone around her that she is a force and a valuable commodity to be trusted. While that happens, Leviathan will continue to get closer and closer to making their own goals into reality. Take a look at the synopsis below for a few additional details:

“Peggy is cornered and more vulnerable than ever as Leviathan makes their move against her. As the SSR zeroes in on Howard Stark, they may pay the ultimate price as they find their true enemy is closer than they realized.”

However crazy or intense the next episode is, though, you have to remember that the one that follows may manage to raise the stakes to even yet another level. This is a show that is bringing the action right now, and they’ve made Peggy into even more of a complicated hero than we expected going in. We do still wonder how other characters from the MCU would be if they had this much time for character development.

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