‘Better Call Saul’ spoilers: Exec on Tuco premiere surprise

Better Call Saul season 1The premiere of “Better Call Saul” was just about everything that we wanted it to be. While we don’t quite have the same sort of narrative drive that we did with “Breaking Bad,” we did have a great introduction to the character of Jimmy McGill, and how he will do almost anything to make a quick buck. That means doing completely reckless things that lay him at the feet of dangerous people.

With that in mind, we now introduce you back to Tuco. This man was one of the main adversaries during the early days of “Breaking Bad,” but he ultimately did not get used as much as showrunner Vince Gilligan wanted due to the actor’s other obligations. This, however, was a great time to bring him back. It has been a while since we’d seen this character, and it never even registered in our mind that this could be a possibility.

Obviously, the intention was to shock you, and speaking to IGN on the subject of Tuco’s return, co-creator Peter Gould explained just why it was so important to introduce him back into this world here:

“Why Tuco? Well, who’s the person you would least like to have on the other side of that door? I think that’s how we pitched it. They get the wrong car, and he goes to the house, and it’s the worst possible person — ‘Hey, it’s Tuco!'”

We do like this idea as a very major component of the show, as you have this man in Jimmy / Saul who is obviously very smart and knows how to do some great things, but he also occasionally tends to make one or two steps in the wrong direction. Due to his mistakes, he and others have to pay the price. His scheme tonight a fairly decent plan, but he fumbled in the execution.

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Photo: AMC

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