‘Chicago PD’ season 2, episode 14 review: Lindsay, Bunny and a whole lot of trouble

Chicago PD -At the tail end of last week’s “Chicago PD” crossover episode we saw Lindsay’s mom, Bunny, come to her with a problem: There is a repeat customer that is becoming increasingly suspicious with their actives and Bunny wants her daughter to help her investigate. The problem is that Bunny is not someone that can be trusted, so we have to wonder what her motivations are for bringing this tip to Lindsay’s attention.

As it turns out we are not the only ones wondering what Bunny’s motivations are: Hank is also very suspicious and confronts Bunny on the possibility that Bunny is using this “possible crime” as a way to get closer to Lindsay.

So did Bunny have a motivation to help catch this guy? When Lindsay finds out that the man Bunny accused is a wanted man and that there’s a $25,000 reward for his arrest, her suspicions get worse that Bunny is not just trying to be a good Samaritan, but Bunny denies knowing about the reward. Instead it looks like Bunny figured out what the bad guys were doing and charged them double for the truck, then got greedy and tried to charge them triple. When they say no, Bunny headed to the cops.

When Lindsay confronts Bunny she admits that she knew about the reward, but denied that she knew what they were up to or about charging them extra for the trucks. Even tough Bunny denied her involvement in blackmailing the bad guys, the check cashing company is thinking of pressing charges against her and denying her the reward based on the bad guy’s testimony and her back ground. The charges end up getting dropped, but Bunny is being denied the money. Bunny of course freaks out because she owes a lot of money to some other bad guys, and shockingly Hank offers to help her pay the guy off, but at a price. Hank wants Bunny to stay away from Lindsay forever, but Bunny won’t have it.

There was also an interesting conversation between Lindsay and Halstead as he starts to analyze Lindsay (and her mother’s) commitment-phobia. Originally Halstead thought that they should come clean to Voight about their burgeoning romance, and Lindsay was against it, but it seems that they tables have turned. Is she thinking of giving Halstead a real chance in a relationship?

When Gina comes to the station to talk to Dawson she reveals that she’s going through a split with her husband and asks him out on a date… and he responds to her with silence. Later he decides to take Gina up on her offer and has dinner with her – it quickly goes from dinner to the bedroom.

Watching Hank roll a suspect out of a hospital and dump his broken body in a snow bank was a little over the top and sometimes we wonder if their “Breaking the rules, not the law” slogan gives them way too much leeway since we suspect that what Hank did breaks an awful lot of laws. Episode grade: C+

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