‘Scorpion’ episode 16 video: One explosive Valentine’s Day for Walter, Paige, and more

It’s the week of Valentine’s Day on “Scorpion”! Who is ready for a little bit of fun that has to do with romance, and then a whole lot of craziness, as well?

The extended preview below for Monday night’s new episode should give you a look at everything you want when it comes to Walter, Paige, and many of the other characters. There will be romantic moments in here, for sure, but also Team Scorpion saving the day. After all, you cannot have an episode of this show without something getting blown up! We also have a few “will they, won’t they” romantic connections going on within the team so we are hoping to see some of them flushed out in this episode.

What we really appreciate about the direction of “Scorpion” right now is that the show seems to have found more of its voice. It feels a little bit less reliant now on some of the crazy action sequences; you’ve gotten to know the characters better, and this understanding makes you care so much more about everything that they do and say.

This episode of “Scorpion” is going to be in many ways on an island. The show aired a repeat the week leading up to this one, and there will not be a new episode the week after, either. Think of this as a consequence in part of the show airing such a huge array of new episodes all at once at the start of the fall, and then making us wait a ridiculously long time for new ones.

Of course, we’ll have more on this episode soon! Come back later tomorrow for another sneak peek.

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