‘The Mentalist’ series finale spoilers: Exec on giving story ‘happy ending’

“The Mentalist” season 7 has three episodes to go, but it may feel like these go by rather quickly. Having a series finale that airs right after the penultimate episode will do that to you.

Just in case you were worried, this is not a show that has some malicious desire to completely devastate you and have you burning your DVD sets in anger. Instead, most of the hints about the finale so far are turning out true: This will be a conclusion that most devoted fans are going to be happy with. This is something that creator / executive producer Bruno Heller comments on TV Guide, saying that he was insistent that Patrick Jane’s story not end in any more tragedy:

“I don’t think I’m giving away too much when I say it’s going to be a happy ending. [Simon] Baker is a ferocious man and was pushing for: ‘No, let’s take him out!’ [Laughs] But the beauty of being able to end a series when and where you want to is that you can deliver a happy ending. The last episode will be a kind of joyful encore, as opposed to a whimpering exit.”

What is very interesting is that Simon has been overseas in France this week doing events for the show there, and that just puts it into greater perspective just how passionate and widespread this show’s following is. It has viewers all the world over, and all of them are anxious to know how it ends.

Our hope is almost that Jane and Lisbon find a way to continue solving mysteries, but maybe on a smaller scale where they don’t feel like they are always in danger of dying. Oh, and that they also get married. That should be a given.

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