‘The Blacklist’ season 2, episode 10 review: Did Liz learn the truth about her father

The Blacklist logo any seasonWell there’s no doubt about it: The masterminds behind “The Blacklist” sure know how to leave us hanging when it comes to epic cliffhangers!  We’ve got Liz and Red in the middle of the ocean on a blacksite that’s 30 seconds away from being bombed by missiles. How are they going to get out of this one alive – and even if they do what is Braxton’s plans now that he realizes Liz is valuable?

Everyone survives the missile attack (crappiest missiles ever!), so Braxton takes Liz, steals the helicopter and tries to learn what she knows about the fulcrum. Braxton tortures Liz for answers, but her memories are so deeply repressed she couldn’t tell them to him even if she wanted to.

He brings in a doctor to try to retrieve Liz’s memories concerning the fulcrum: What does she remember? Liz remembers hiding in a closet in a house and hearing her mother and father arguing. Liz says that she has no recollection of her mother or father, but feels that her father had something to do with the burn she has on her wrist. She also remembers that her parents are fighting about the fulcrum with her father saying that it is the only thing keeping him alive.

Reddington shows up to save the day asking if Liz remembers where the fulcrum is and the doctor says that she hasn’t recalled it yet, so Reddington tells the doctor to continue with the therapy.

Back in Liz’s memory, she sees the fire starting when she is pulled out of the closet by a man, but she can’t see his face. She does see three people in the house the night of the fire and remembers that Reddington was there. She remembers that he was there looking for the fulcrum and feels that this is why he has come back into her life now – not because of any other connection. She feels completely betrayed by him pretending to care for her and wants nothing further to do with him.

The doctor ends up telling Liz that someone tried to block the memory of the fire in her past and that the only people that can tell her what happened are the ones that have been trying to make her forget.  She finds her stuffed rabbit from the fire and see that inside the rabbit is a microchip – the fulcrum.

It also looks like Cooper got some bad news and we are fearful that we are going to lose him. Over all a great episode but one that put us on an emotional roller coaster. Episode grade: A-

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