‘The Blacklist’ season 2, episode 10 video: James Spader, Ron Perlman’s conversation

The Blacklist logo any seasonThursday night’s episode of “The Blacklist” promises to be intense and then some.  You are concluding the two-episode story of Luther Braxton, and you are also allowing us an opportunity at the same time to learn about whether or not there is any deeper connection between Liz Keen and Reddington from so many years ago.

Obviously, there is something buried within her head that Ron Perlman’s character wants to extract, which is precisely why he is holding her captive at the moment. He does not know entirely what he is fighting for, but he still knows that he is fighting for something. This is pretty exciting for us, but at the same time, it has to be somewhat terrifying for Red. The last thing that he probably wants is to deal with something like this so soon after getting over the Berlin crisis.

What James Spader says in this clip may ultimately be both true and the undoing for Braxton as a character on this show. Without a doubt, the man is incredibly skilled at what he does. However, at the same time he’s also a thief. He is not an international criminal mastermind, and that means that it is very likely that he is going to do something to mess up. When he does, Red will be there, waiting in the wings to potentially humiliate him and take him down a few notches.

Overall, doesn’t it feel like this will be fun? We certainly think so! We’ll just have to see where the story goes in the end.

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(Photo: NBC.)

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