‘King of the Nerds’ CarterMatt Podcast: Zack Storch on season 3, new book, and a whole lot more

King of the Nerds -This afternoon, we took part in what has to go down as an epic afternoon of podcasting. First, we’re all about full disclosure. The podcast you are about to listen to is actually the second one we recorded today with Zack Storch of “King of the Nerds.” We had some paralyzing audio problems upon listening to Zack Chat 1.0 (just invented that phrase), and he was kind enough to give it another go. We’re super-grateful, since what resulted was an interview so stuffed full of fun, we’re still trying to get our adrenaline level down. Not to over-hype, but this is one that we’ll remember (to quote the “True Detective” guy) for a long, long time.

So what did we talk about with Zack? There’s a few references to season 2 thrown in here, but much of it is geared around season 3, his take on life after the show, and his new novel Za’nar: Impossibility, which you can find out more about over on VoidSaga.com in addition to what we discuss in the podcast. We’re going to try to have Zack back (hey, a rhyme!) later on in the season, when we’ll have even more show-related stuff to talk with him about.

We don’t want to spend too much of your time delaying you from checking out the smorgasbord of greatness in the podcast below, so we’ll just give you a couple of quick reminders here pertaining to the many layers of CarterMatt.

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So will the original, unreleased podcast ever see the light of day? Think of it as the Lost Levels from Super Mario Bros., extremely hard to listen to just as that game was extremely hard to play. It may be better off as a mystery.

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