‘Shark Tank’ review: Drain Strain, BedJet, Fresh Patch, Balm Chicky Balm Balm

The latest -Tonight, “Shark Tank” brought you a variety of different innovations! With that being said, it’s not like many of them had a whole lot in common. You had something for the bedroom, something that is a sort-of bathroom for dogs, a way to fix your bathtub, and also fancy lip balm with a rather racy name.

This episode has a lot to smile about, even if you’re not smiling about the fact that it is airing at a different time than usual. We feel like ABC is testing the waters here for a potential move to Tuesdays in the long-term, seeing that they have had some struggles in this spot. We don’t hope that happens, but anyhow, take a look at our impressions at tonight’s products below.

Fresh Patch – We’re not someone who would want to have a product like this, but that’s because we like walking our dog outside and don’t really want to start to get in that habit of being lazy. We do think that there is still a market out there for this, and the interest from the sharks proved that. He’s got good sales! He has shown the concept!

It was smart to not wait for Lori Greiner, and to accept Mark Cuban and Barbara Corcoran’s deal. They know technology and the pet retain spaces well already, and this guy’s got the potential to make a ton of money.

Balm Chicky Balm Balm – A very cheesy name, but they really have a cool little concept for themselves. The problem is that there are hundreds of lip balm products out there. Other than a “friend end” and cool flavors, what else is there? Unfortunately, there was no room for them.

Drain Strain – A very interesting product. We really like it, and by and large because it is going to solve a problem of hair getting caught in drains. It could save a ton of money on plumbing! He had two offers here in Kevin O’Leary and Robert Herjavec, who both wanted to use it for licensing. He opted to go with Robert, a smart move given that he got a much better deal.

BedJet – A very cool product. It heats and cools your entire bed! The issue here is very simple: The price. Maybe you make up for it with energy costs, but $499 for something like this is crazy. It’s far too much! This will only appeal to the wealthy at that price. It’s interesting in a way; it’s been a long time since a product at the end of an episode received no deal, and we actually think it was more his style that cost him than the product itself.

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