‘Survivor: Worlds Apart’ castaway spotlight: Is Joe Anglim the crown jewel of season 30?

Joe -Come on in, Survivors! We’ve waited for a little while to start our “Survivor: Worlds Apart” castaway spotlight series, and mostly for one simple reason: There really was not any reason to start early, and then be done a week or two before the season begins.

So far, we like most of what we’ve seen, or at least most of it other than the setting. (Given that Nicaragua has given us three less-than-stellar seasons, we’re starting to wonder if it is cursed.) We go through these in alphabetic order by last name, otherwise known as the way they show up on Wikipedia. That just makes things a little easier to follow. This means that jewelry designer / sort-of farm guy Joe Anglim is going to be first out of the gate. (Don’t worry: These are just are thoughts, and are completely spoiler-free.)

Name – Joe Anglim

Age – 26

Location – Scottsdale, Arizona

Job – Jewelry designer

Tribe – Nagarote a.k.a. No Collar

Strengths – Look at the guy! He is very athletic, and he mentions that he grew up on a farm. He’s going to be used to the outdoors and working hard, which is probably not something you think meshes with No Collar. He acts like he has at least watched the show before, and we’re not sure everyone on his tribe has. Also, he says that while he is willing to be loyal and holds many positive values close to his heart, he recognizes that it is a game, and he may have to do unseemly things to win.

Weaknesses – Will he be willing to do them? We’re not sure. He strikes us as a guy who may get a little too comfortable almost to where he thinks that he has the game figured out. He may put so much stock in his athleticism that he does not put enough effort in to securing strong alliances in the game.

Past Survivor Comparison – It’s funny. We actually thought Malcolm and Ozzy when we read about him and watched his video, and that was before realizing that he made the same comparison! He brings with him some of their strengths (athletic ability, some knowledge of the game a la Malcolm), but maybe also some weaknesses. Like Ozzy, we can see him getting a little self-righteous out there to the point where it hurts him.

Prediction – There’s no reason to get him out early, and while he’s a candidate for last vote before the merge (especially since these three tribes will become two), we see a finish to him similar to a Malcolm in Caramoan or an Ozzy in Fans vs. Favorites. He will probably play the game very hard, but eventually lack the allies needed to get close to the end.

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