‘Blue Bloods’ season 5, episode 13 review: Give the man his medal

Sometimes, what “Blue Bloods” excels at is being the relatable cop show. We have a hard time becoming attached to cop series that tend to rely heavily on goofy catch-phrases, cases that involve the characters going undercover, or defusing giant explosions every week. Basically characters at least once a month do something that real-life cops maybe do once or twice in their lifetimes.

We feel like this show excels at giving us events that are true-to-life, and difficult on an emotional and political level more so than physical. For example, take a look at the struggle by Frank to award a medal to his son Danny, who truly deserved one for his work. His insecurity came out of his desire to not be the parent who is giving their child the starting job on the soccer team, just because he would be judged for it.

In the end, both Danny and Baez were appropriately honored as they should be, and we do not see Frank getting any sort of significant backlash for it.

What we do wonder here is what the endgame for the Frank character is. How long can he be in charge of the police force? Is this a premise for the show that is never-ending? The rest of the story for Erin and the other characters was not so gripping, and we typically found ourselves gravitating back to Frank, almost as we do every week. We still think something is being left on the table here. We hope that by the end of this season, we see a more established rival for him that tests his skills, and the power he holds over his precinct. Grade: B-.

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