‘Blue Bloods’ season 5, episode 13 video: Why is Frank unhappy now?

Stop us when this sounds familiar: On Friday night’s new episode of “Blue Bloods,” we are going to see something that makes Frank more than a little bit unhappy. Strangely, it involves someone honoring his son.

What seems to be the problem here? It seems to be stemming from the fact that his son was named to be a potential recipient of a medal, but no one bothered to tell him in the process. Therefore, he really had no way of properly preparing for this, and had to find out the truth after the fact. He is concerned about this, mostly because of the fact that he does not want to make it appear as though his son is getting favorable treatment simply because of their blood ties. He knows how easy it is that rumors about corruption and favoritism can start in this world, and clearly, he wants to do everything in his power to try and nip some of those in the mud before they start to spread a little bit.

In the end, we figure that there will be some sort of solution to this problem that works for most parties … and that is simply because there always does seem to be one eventually.

As for what else you can see in this video, Frank is not entirely pleased about being told to get a detail on the Mayor, while at the same time being told that there is a hiring freeze that is causing some problems. In other words, mixed signals.

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