NBC’s ‘Parenthood’ series finale spoilers: Max, Adam find new employment

If you want to do something today that could very well blow your mind, we suggest going online and searching for “Max Parenthood” on Google. Then, watch this video. It’s amazing to see how much he has grown up since the start of the series, that is a further testament to “Parenthood’s” strength in many ways. This is almost “Boyhood” before that movie even existed; we’ve never really thought that there was a deeper purpose to this show other than family, and ultimately showing what people are capable of making it through if they stick together.

The video sneak peek below is further proof of that, as we learn a few new things about the Max and Adam characters: They both now seem to have jobs! Adam is close to landing something with a water company, which is great in the event that he wants a bunch of bottled water everywhere. Hey, it at least keeps him healthy! Meanwhile, Max seems to have the responsibility now of taking the photos of Hank and Sarah’s wedding, and given the skill set that Hank possesses in that field, he doesn’t give that away for nothing.

There is nothing in this preview that is particularly shocking, and will rock the foundation of the series to its core. We don’t really think that this is the point. Instead, this is more about evolution, and seeing how these families all toward the future.

Expect to cry at least once or twice in the episode; however, at the same time we feel like there may be some moments for you to smile.

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