‘Suits’ season 4, episode 11 review: Did Louis Litt get what he wanted?

Louis -We have to give Rick Hoffman a little bit of credit at the start of this “Suits” article, and for one simple reason: Regardless of whether or not we’re rooting for Louis Litt or loathing him, the performance behind the character is the reason why. He is such a smarmy and manipulative guy, and he often uses his own anger to compensate for his insecurities.

We don’t sense Louis’ actions during tonight’s winter premiere “Enough Is Enough” as him wanting revenge so much as him being hurt. He has a soft exterior underneath that armor, and he wanted to get back at Mike Ross and everyone else for getting one over on him. That’s why he stuck Mike with paralegal work and demanded tons of pomp and circumstance to celebrate his promotion. His goal was to make sure Mike quit, and that included torturing Rachel as a way to make that happen. His ego was so out of control, he did not really see the forest through the trees.

The most brilliant person of all when it comes to stopping Louis was Jessica, who realized that in allowing him to run around like a crazed animal shouting his news, she could use his ambition against him. Basically, she put him in a situation where he had to sign papers with a major stipulation included in them, one that cut down on his power by harsh measures. He is now a conspirator in keeping Mike, mostly because he used that secret to get what he wanted rather than doing anything else.

While this move was brilliant by Jessica, we question somewhat her next one: Lying to Jeff about Louis’ promotion. Is Jeff going to stay quiet about this? Louis has a huge mouth, and we are very worried about these characters.

Ultimately, the one person who may have actually gotten a little closer to Louis again was Donna. She had to tell him that she slept with Harvey in order to “wipe the slate clean,” but it’s a start.

All in all, this was a pretty excellent return for the show: Sharp, funny at times, and shocking at others. Everything we expect. Grade: A-.

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