‘Justified’ season 6, episode 2 review: Boyd, Ava and a new plan

Walton GogginsBoyd, Boyd, Boyd – We really cannot get enough of him on “Justified”. We do love Raylan, don’t get us wrong, but there’s just something about Boyd that gets us so excited about this show. Even though for he most part Boyd is up to no good, there’s still something about him that makes us want to believe that he’s going to be able to get some cash together and retire from his life of crime and be a better man. Can this really happen?

After Raylan’s warning to Ava about her not being useful enough to keep her out of jail, she decides to start getting some information out of Boyd about the bank job he just did. Is there a part of her that still loves Boyd after everything he’s done to her? We like to think so, but at the same time it’s not enough to stop her from finding the loot he stole from the bank in her barn and showing it to Raylan to save her own hide. When Raylan realizes that these documents were too easy for Ava to find, they are both worried that Boyd set her up so he could see if she’s working with him or against him.

Ava confronts Boyd telling him to take the documents he stashed on her property and gave him trouble for putting her in a position that could get her thrown back in jail. After realizing that she’s not going to get any information out of Boyd by yelling at him, she heads over to his bar and makes him believe that she is with him no matter what.

Catherine is unhappy with Boyd’s loot from the bank since he didn’t end up getting any cash, just a ledger and they think maybe he’s kept the money for himself (which he hasn’t). Catherine tries to plant a seed about Ava and her strange early release from prison, but Boyd is still calling her his fiancee and won’t hear it.

Ty Walker, the mysterious man who is running around town trying to buy everyone’s houses (including Arlo’s old place from Raylan) knows the owner of the safe deposit box that Boyd stole from the bank. The owner is a man named Calhoun, who has been the Realtor for all of the house sales to these very bad men and what was stolen by Boyd was a ledger for all of the property sales that Calhoun was using as a back up blackmail plan if things went south – unfortunately for him, now Boyd is using it to blackmail Calhoun. When Boyd shows up to discuss the terms of the blackmail with Calhoun he instead finds Raylan waiting and Boyd hands over the ledgers to him.

Watching our first tense interaction between Boyd and Raylan this season was magic. There’s such great chemistry between these two character’s we could watch them painting a shed together and would be thrilled. Episode Grade: B+

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