CBS’ ‘CSI’ season 15, episode 16 review: James Bond, fast cars and murder

With all of the football delays that have pushed back new episodes of “CSI”, we now have a crazy huge flux of them. We had two back to back episodes on Sunday night and another new one on Tuesday night as the network tries to catch fans up on the show. Of course with the Super Bowl coming up on Sunday we expect that the rest of the season should have less interruptions, but who knows: “CSI” seems to be the one show that regularly gets the shaft.

If you love James Bond then this case of the week is for you! When a party girl, Ava, is found dead covered from head to toe is metallic paint (silver instead of what we saw in “Goldfinger”), everyone is a suspect – especially when they learn that Ava has a very long rap sheet and a drug problem. Also like James Bond, there were some beautiful, fast cars involved in this murder… throw in a few martinis and we have a James Bond party!

So why was this girl murdered? Really she was at the wrong place at the wrong time and the death happened over a classic car that many people were fighting over (also a car where a famous Los Angeles legend was murdered – so this apparently makes the car ever more valuable to crime memorabilia buyers). Ava was killed by a man that she knew, after she realized that he was trying to steal this priceless car.

If you are like us, then you were likely hoping to see tonight’s story line involve a few personal tidbits from our main cast – like whatever happened to Julie’s new boyfriend? Does that relationship even exist anymore? Episode grade: C+

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