‘The Mentalist’ season 7, episode 9 video: Cho tries to keep away Vega

On Wednesday night’s new episode of “The Mentalist,” there are a variety of different questions, with one of the big ones revolving around the Dennis Abbott character. Jane is trying to do what he can to help him, and from his vantage point, one of his strategies is keeping a variety of other people on lockdown. Apparently, this includes having Cho stand guard. Is he really doing the right thing by not telling Vega a whole lot about what is going on? Well, the simple answer there is the debate in the video below.

Vega, understandably, wants to feel like she is an enormous part of the team. Unfortunately, she also thinks that Cho is not really doing a whole lot to help her contribute. Why? He wants to protect her, and ensure that no matter what happens to them, she is not implicated in that in any way.

Based on what we see in the video, though, he’s going to come around to her way of thinking. If one person is going to risk everything to protect Abbott, then apparently, everyone is going to do that! You have to admire the courage here, right? It’s crazy, but they really do care about their boss! It’s not bad for a guy who was not easy on Jane when he first arrived.

We’ll have some more news on this episode tomorrow night, but here’s to hoping that somehow, Abbott finds a way to make it through this without any significant problems or further setbacks.

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