‘Girls’ season 4, episode 3 video: Are Adam and Jessa getting arrested?

Just in case you missed some of the other major characters on “Girls” during this past episode, rest assured of one thing: You are going to be seeing a whole lot more of them moving forward! Have for you below the first promo for Sunday’s third episode of the season, though it is not exactly showing either in a positive light.

Instead, we see that both characters are seemingly getting arrested, and for Jessa, she does it after tearing up something handed to her by the police. Just a friendly reminder: It is never a particularly good idea to make people in law enforcement angry. They typically do not respond well to that the majority of the time. We do wonder what Hannah will think about this, or if Hannah will even learn that it has happened.

Elsewhere in this episode one of the bigger highlights looks to be Marnie-based, as she continues to try to further along her singing career with Desi. However, at the same time she is forced to deal with more reminders that she may be a collaborator with him musically, but she is also a mistresses in an affair that he is having. His girlfriend Clementine has allowed herself to believe there is nothing going on there, and we cannot see this ending well, especially since Marnie has her own thought of what the two of them really are.

We don’t know how “Girls” will continue to make it work having so many different people in different places, but at least for now, we admire them for putting in all of the effort trying to get their answers.

What do you want to see on Sunday night’s new episode? Share some of your quick thoughts and reactions to the promo.

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