‘King of the Nerds’ CarterMatt Podcast: On Jacob shocker, Amanda’s tactics, more with Jessa

Kind of the Nerds -

Nerds, unite! Well, if nothing else, we have have reunited for the first in-season “King of the Nerds” podcast to follow up on some of the preview chats that we did before the season. This first episode for the most part was a really solid introduction to the season. Not only did we have some interesting gags, but we got to know some of the cast to go along with it.

There are of course many things that we needed to discuss within the span of this particular podcast, and as a summary, we would say that one of the biggest ones has to be the sudden elimination of Jacob, who seemed to be very confident and ready to deliver the goods going into the vote reveal. What happened? We praise Amanda for her strategy, and how setting up a cross-team alliance could be something that really helps her in both the short and long-term.

Of course, we also discuss the nature of the first Nerd War, whether or not either one of us was prepared for a shot of Curtis Armstrong in the buff, and also if there should have been a winner of the Nerd War at all. Also, each one of us admits that our preconceived notion of some of the nerds was totally wrong, and sometimes, it’s great to realize that there is more depth there than we first thought.

If you missed it, we recently chatted with two of the executive producers about the show, and you can check that out over at this link. That’s a great insight into how some things are devised behind the scenes.

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