‘The Blacklist’ season 2 spoilers: Looking beyond Super Bowl two-parter

The Blacklist logo any seasonWhile NBC is starting to become a little more liberal when it comes to handing out scoop on “The Blacklist’s” upcoming Super Bowl spectacular, one thing that they are still being extremely coy about is pretty darn simple: What is coming up after this big episode. After all, doesn’t there have to be a little bit of something more to look forward to? We like to think so!

This is what this particular article is all about, at least in forms of episode titles. NBC confirmed today that the February 12 episode is entitled “Ruslan Denisov,” and while it would have been nice to see some more information here to go along with it (the network did do this with some other shows), this is sadly all we have here. Disappointing, no? Regardless, it is still very much expected that they will want to keep their cards close to vest until after the Super Bowl.

What we can say just based on the title alone is that this is most-likely the name of some sort of Russian crime boss or authority figure, and is almost surely someone we are supposed to be at least somewhat afraid of. Then again, we can say this about all sorts of villains when it comes to this show.

Regardless of who it is, we want to be excited about it. We felt like the first half of the season had its problems (Liz locking up Tom mostly), and now that those are somewhat done away with, we can move forward to other things.

What do you think about this particular title? Share your thoughts with a comment. (Photo: NBC.)

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