‘Justified’ season 6, episode 1 review: Is Raylan closing in on Boyd?

JustifiedWe have officially entered the very last season of “Justified” and as sad as it is that the show is ending, we are always excited about the idea of a Raylan/Boyd show down and after 6 seasons… we are expecting some fireworks.

Raylan has the paper work in place so that he can move states to be with Winona and his daughter full time, something we thought was never going to happen since being a Marshall is so deeply part of his soul. Raylan isn’t leaving town until he gets Boyd though, and his key witness in helping take him down is Dewey and there is no way he’s helping Raylan.

Ava hasn’t had an easy time since being in jail and her bills are piling up and going past due. Boyd is trying to make things right with her, but we don’t suspect that relationship will ever be the same. Boyd suggests that they leave Harlan together and start a new life somewhere else, but she’s not interested… also there’s that little fact that she is kinda working with Raylan as a snitch on Boyd (part of her deal for being released from jail).

Boyd had his troubles when playing the heroine game, but he’s always been great at robbing banks and now that he has an outside push to get back into bank robbing, he’s embracing his natural talents… but not without Tim following his every move.

Dewey decides to hit up Boyd for some work after he heads back to his place to find it foreclosed on, and although Boyd doesn’t really want to deal with him, he decides to use Dewey as a distraction while he and his crew rob a safe box from a bank. Once Raylan finds out he was duped following Dewey around all day while Boyd robbed the bank, he heads out to push Ava for information. Unfortunately she doesn’t know anything, but he’s threatening to send her back to jail if she doesn’t become helpful real quick. As for Dewey, well Boyd realized that he wasn’t able to trust him anymore and for that reason Dewey was killed by Boyd.

This was a great premiere that set up this last season perfectly. We know what all of the main players are up to and where they all stand. We are expecting a great end to the Raylan/Boyd relationship and we can’t wait. Episode grade: A-

What did you think of the “Justified” premiere? Do you like the story set up for this last season? Leave us a comment below and let us know if you are rooting for Boyd to come out on top or if you want to see Raylan take away the win. If you want more news on “Justified” then head over to the link here and let us be your guide. Also if you want even more great TV news then be sure to sign up for our weekly CarterMatt newsletter. (Photo: FX)

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