‘Outlander’ episode preview: First scene to be shown before ‘Black Sails’ premiere

What we have for you right now is ultimately a testament to something really great: Starz clearly knows what they are doing when it comes to “Outlander” being a huge hit for them. They now want to try to get some of that success to rub off on some of their other shows.

The network announced on Wednesday that the upcoming scene for the next episode, which will air on April 4, will be presented at the start of the season 2 premiere of “Black Sails” on Saturday night. While this is no guarantee that fans of the series will want to stick around any swashbuckling action after it, they are clearly hedging their bets. It is a smart move, especially when you have very few other ways to convince people to pay to watch a new show when they have few ways to organically get into it.

We a feeling at the moment that even Starz does not completely know the appeal of their own show just yet. The past few months have served as an opportunity for viewers to start to familiarize themselves with the show who maybe did not watch live. We feel like the second half of season 1, coupled with the eventual start of season 2, will mark a tremendous opportunity for many to start to get themselves a little bit more acquainted with these characters.

Certainly, we will have much more on “Outlander” prior to when the show comes back on the network. Be on the lookout for much more of that very soon, and maybe even some season 2 news to boot.

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