‘Scorpion’ episode 15 preview: Could Paige move to Maine with Ralph?

Over the past 14 episodes of “Scorpion,” one thing has remained pretty darn clear: Ralph has certainly gone through a whole lot for a child his age since joining the team. Much of this could in some ways be considered valuable life experience … but definitely not all of it. Some of it has been dangerous, and thanks to that, you do have to wonder whether or not he and Paige could consider going somewhere else.

This brings us to Monday night’s new episode entitled “Forget Me Nots,” which we assume is probably not meant to be a reference to Gob Bluth and his consistent desire to make the pain go away. Take a look at the synopsis below for some scoop on what to expect:

“Team Scorpion must jog the memory of an injured former Secret Service agent who is their only hope of preventing weapons of mass destruction being launched from a secret U.S. nuclear silo. Meanwhile, Paige is torn when Drew suggests that moving to Maine might be the best for Ralph.”

The promo below gives you some further insight into what to expect, but forget some of the promo about this being the post-football episode. This was actually scheduled originally to air after the AFC Championship Game, but CBS decided after first scheduling it to switch it around with “Charades.” The irony here is that they went through all of this trouble most likely for nothing. Tonight’s NFL game was a dud and had no real drama to it at all; therefore, we do not quite imagine it pulling in anywhere close to enormous ratings for CBS as it probably would have if the game was anywhere near close.

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