‘House of Lies’ season 4, episode 2 review: The truth about Jeannie’s baby

House of Lies -When is a reveal not really a reveal at all? When it comes on “House of Lies.” Sunday night’s new episode was an interesting one in that we cannot sit here and say that we laughed much (probably not a good thing for a comedy), but it was still one of the better episodes of the series that we’ve seen in some time.

The “reveal” that we are talking about here is fairly simple, and that is the news that Marty is the father of Jeannie’s baby, and the other story was entirely made up mostly as a way to hide her own insecurity. Is this a game-changer? Sure, given that Don Cheadle’s character just tried to send her away Now, that will be difficult.

With this child, Marty and Jeannie are basically tied together in a way that they were not previously, and the hard thing now is trying to gauge feelings. Marty may feel obligation now to be with her rather than love, and we hope that this show is smart enough to not trap the characters.

While we learned this, we saw more of Marty’s prison life in the past. The real comedic highlight in the episode came via the return of Jenny Slate, as she and Doug tried to buy Jeannie’s baby off of her. No dice, and Doug seems to be driven insane more than ever now with his wife at home.

In the end, this is the episode we needed to get out of the way. With the truth about the baby out there, maybe now we can combine humor with the complicated relationship story. Grade: B+.

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