‘Galavant’ episodes 5-6 review: Ricky Gervais, Weird Al Yankovic add to the silly spectacle

Galavant -We really hope that there were some out there who decided not to watch the AFC Championship Game on Sunday night, and caught “Galavant” over on ABC instead. Why? While the first two episodes of the series were very good, tonight’s back-to-back installments managed to be so much more and then some.

Now that we are nearing the end of season 1, we are starting to feel like this may be our favorite comedy of the 2014-15 season. It’s completely absurd, but in the very best way. Galavant is the perfect person to be at the center of everything, at least in that for the most part, he has his head together. The only thing he’s slightly off about is his belief that the Queen actually still has some sort of feelings for him. His delusions add mostly to the humility, given the variety of ways in which she humiliated him.

In many ways, she is the villain of this show more than King Richard, who cannot emotionally manipulate anyone, and despite some of his threats, does not always have bite. Timothy Omundson’s beard, meanwhile, is tremendous.

Tonight, Galavant and Isabella recruited the help of some friars (led by Weird Al Jankovic) to try and forge a sneak-attack on the castle, but it was unfortunately a catastrophe. Not only were they captured, but the truth came out about Isabella’s real motives, and the lies that she told our heroic knight to get him to take this journey. He finally started to recognize her feelings at the end, which sets the stage for a pretty epic finale.

While all of this was going on, Richard enlisted the help of Xanax (Ricky Gervais in a pretty perfect role) to show him the path to victory.

It’s sad that there are only two episodes left, as “Galavant” has just started to hit its stride. We love the charm, the humor, and above all the creativity. It is like a medieval version of “Spaceballs,” and is one of the few TV shows on the Mel Brooks would be proud of. Grade: A-.

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