‘Top Chef: Last Chance Kitchen’ review: Did Adam Harvey, Doug Adams make trip to Mexico?

Take a look -The finale of “Top Chef: Last Chance Kitchen” is only a week away, and that means that we are almost to the point where we will see two chefs fight for a place in the finale. The location will be Mexico, as this week, we saw the final edition of the web series that was still within that familiar kitchen setting.

While this week’s episode of “Top Chef” proper had its moments, it did not have an elimination at the tail end of it. What did this mean? Basically, we ended up seeing a showdown between just Adam Harvey and Doug Adams to advance. Both are super-strong in the kitchen, and we really came to like both of them for their passion and willingness to actually take big risks.

You see that from both of them in the challenge this week, which was really an abomination of an idea in the first place. Here’s the thing: We get it as to why Hidden Valley Ranch need to be the fixture of this task. It’s a big sponsor, and it helps to ensure that the web series even gets made. While we’re appreciative of that, it does not make these sort of tasks any less obnoxious. It’s hard to get inspired by a plate of vegetables and ranch. Why do you think these two guys suddenly had trouble after being cooking machines most of the season? That’s the reason.

We have to say here that we were mostly rooting for Doug here, mostly because Adam said the most horrific thing imaginable: That he enjoys pizza with ranch dressing. Yes, there is a bit of hyperbole in there. We’ve never liked that combo, but he really felt like he was in the driver’s seat for most of this and fore good reason. Doug was all over the place, he overcooked his steak, and we still have zero clue what in the world he ended up making.

However, he somehow managed to pull out a win at the last second, a nice testament to never giving up. The other chefs in the kitchen clearly love the guy, and if he somehow manages to win, it’s hard to not be anything other than thrilled.

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