‘Blue Bloods’ season 5, episode 12 video: Danny and Linda’s latest conflict

While many shows are often about putting the bad guys away, we don’t really see that when it comes to “Blue Bloods.” Instead, we feel like the CBS drama is more of a story about conflict. It gives us a window sometimes into the complicated worlds of NYPD officers, and some of the choices that they have to make at times in order to survive.

For Danny and Linda, the conflict that they are having is a particularly challenging one. Danny wants to be a good father, and part of that is working a whole lot of hours to ensure that Jack can have the education that he needs. However, working 16-hour days makes it so that he is exhausted, and sometimes, doing the commute back home, only to get up the next day early, is too much for him. Therefore, he tells Linda in the sneak peek below that he wants to stay at a friend’s apartment in the city on some of these days when he has huge hours.

What’s her response? Basically, she is not in the least bit interested, and tells him that he better find some other way to figure this out. The family needs him, and the idea of him being gone for such extended periods of time is simply not acceptable.

Is there a right or wrong person here? We really don’t think so. Linda of course wants him around, and he wants to get sleep so he can manage better. Typically with this show, there is a happy medium. These two just have to work in order to find it.

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