2015 DGA Awards: ‘True Detective,’ ‘The Quest,’ ‘Orange Is the New Black’ score nominations

One of the things that we praised the Golden Globes for heavily this year was their diversity in nominees. We’re not just talking about people from all walks of life, but also nominating a variety of different shows and not necessarily the same ones time and time again.

This is something that we can for the most part also praise the DGA Awards for. Unlike their colleagues at the SAG Awards, there are some new shows that are featured heavily in here, and some some faces that may be somewhat new to Hollywood. With shows like “The Quest” and “The Chair” nominated in the reality category, it is almost like the DGA legitimately watches and appreciates the genre (which we’re not sure we can say for the Emmys, who nominate the same exact things yea after year).

Take a look at the nominees for some selected categories that we cover on the site below:

Drama Director

Dan Attias, Homeland, “13 Hours in Islamabad”
Jodie Foster, House of Cards, “Chapter 22″
Cary Joji Fukunaga, True Detective, “Who Goes There”
Lesli Linka Glatter, Homeland, “From A to B and Back Again”
Alex Graves, Game of Thrones, “The Children”

Fukunaga wins this in a landslide. The direction on this show was some of the best we’ve ever seen.

Comedy Director

Louis C.K., Louie, “Elevator: Part 6″
Jodie Foster, Orange is the New Black, “Thirsty Bird”
Mike Judge, Silicon Valley, “Minimum Viable Product”
Gail Mancuso, Modern Family, “Vegas”
Jill Soloway, Transparent, “Best New Girl”

We still protest slightly “Orange Is the New Black” as a comedy, but we’re giving it to Judge regardless.

TV Movie / Miniseries Director

Rob Ashford and Glenn Weiss, Peter Pan Live!
Lisa Cholodenko, Olive Kitteridge
Uli Edel, Houdini
Ryan Murphy, The Normal Heart
Michael Wilson, The Trip to Bountiful

Wait, why is “Peter Pan Live!” in here other than for ambition’s sake? Murphy should and will win here.

Reality Programs Director

Bertram van Munster, Jack Cannon, Elise Doganieri, The Quest, “One True Hero”
Neil DeGroot, The Biggest Loser, “Episode 1613″
Steve Hryniewicz, Top Chef, “The First Thanksgiving”
Anthony B. Sacco, The Chair, “The Test”
Adam Vetri, Steve Austin’s Broken Skull Challenge, “Welcome to the Gun Show”

We’ve made it no secret that we love “The Quest,” but what they were able to do in this episode was outstanding, and beyond the scope of what many expect for this genre.

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