‘Hawaii Five-0’ season 5, episode 12 review: Lou’s daughter struggles, Steve’s car gets stolen

Hawaii Five-0 -Last time on “Hawaii Five-0” we had some fun stories for a lot of our favorite cast members (although, we didn’t see a lot of Max much to our disappointment), and we are not only hoping for more of the same this week, but also some more movement on some of the main storylines this season.

Lou’s daughter Samantha is having night terrors and a difficult time getting over being locked in a cage and watching Ian die. Lou is having a hard time helping her get through the night terrors and is doing everything he can to support her, but it seems to be something that she needs to work through on her own.

Steve is running with Grace and helping her train to get a fitness medal that she had a hard time getting the year before (but she wins it this time!). As they are running Steve sees his car being stolen and takes off after it (leaving Grace on the street alone). He doesn’t catch the person stealing his car, but Danny is really upset that Grace was left on the street by herself (really Steve only left her for 5 minutes and nothing happened, but we get why he was upset).

Steve later finds his car abandoned, but all of the wheels are gone as well as some other parts – get digs deeper to find out if he can figure out who stole it and it turns out to be a teenager that was orphaned and living on the street. Steve sends out to get him some food and clothes after hearing that he had never stolen anything before and was just so desperately hungry. Did he get off on stealing the car? Steve told him that he won’t charge him if the kid goes to all the body shops and gets the parts back and helps him put the car back together (and doesn’t get in trouble again) that he will give him a second chance (he also gets him a job at the shrimp truck).

The case of the week involves a surgeon that was shot – she was brought in to operate on a criminal (the brother of the man who killed Chin’s wife), but it turns out he’s not the only criminal she had operated on. There was also a man that admitted something he saw in the past that implicated a bad man.

We really liked this episode – even though there were some fairly dark moments in the case of the week story, the main cast had some pretty uplifting moments that helped even the rough edges out. Episode Grade: B-

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