‘Pretty Little Liars’ season 5, episode 15: Aria’s college hopes; Hanna has guts; Toby – Spencer fight

Spencer Toby -Was there anything too substantial that took place tonight on “Pretty Little Liars”? We ultimately suppose that the answer to that could depend on how you define “substantial.” There was not anything akin to a character death or an “A” reveal, if that is what you are wondering.

Instead, it feels more like the wheels are being set in motion for the Liars to be blamed for the death of Mona, which they are actually trying to investigate. The problem is that their knack for telling half-truths and sneaky behavior may only get them in more trouble. Take, for example, Spencer’s decision to pick up the knife at the crime scene. Did she need to do this? Hardly. As a matter of fact, it was a terrible move for her to do this, since anyone could have watched her. Toby had already hid it from the other police, but there are certain lines he still cannot cross as an officer.

People and the police was a common theme throughout this hour, given that Hanna went to see Holbrook with his father, and in turn, found a stuffed animal filled with guts. Doesn’t this give a whole new meaning to this episode’s title of “Fresh Meat”? We certainly feel like it does. Hanna had to stop her college tour to do this, while Aria was busy battling Ezra’s ex in order to secure her own place in school … which she has not told Ezra about completely just yet. To be fair, he’s somewhat busy getting The Brew together. Since when was Ezra a coffee shop owner sort of man?

In a way, our frustrations with this episode stem from the notion that these women are supposedly growing up, and yet, they are still lying to their boyfriends and people they should be able to trust. They are clinging to old habits, and with that, they are predictable. They are setting themselves up to become fresh meat in jail, and Alison may not feel nearly as alone in the near future.

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