‘The Good Wife’ season 6, episode 13 preview: When will Julianna Margulies series return to CBS?

The Good Wife -If there is a clear reason why ABC is airing some of its shows like “Once Upon a Time” in two half-seasons rather than spreading them out throughout the entire year, it is because they are hoping to avoid the mess that is January and February. Let us try to put this in perspective: Over the course of these two months, you have on Sundays one NFL conference championship game, the Golden Globes, the Super Bowl, the Grammys, the Oscars, and the SAG Awards. Effectively, there is not one Sunday until February 15 where there is not some major pop-culture event happening.

This is why we understand fans of “The Good Wife” and other shows feeling frustrated in that you have two new episodes, and then a long wait again where you have to struggle to keep track of when the show is returning. We are still waiting for confirmation on when Julianna Margulies and the rest of the cast will tell the rest of their stories this season, but if we had to chart a date for now, we’d say Sunday, March 1.

Think about it for a minute: Why run the risk of hurting your own ratings before then? Also, you have ten episodes left this season, and if you start airing them in early March and go one a week, you should be wrapped up in early May, right in the middle of sweeps. It makes much more sense than competing against things that will almost certainly defeat you.

The only reason that the wait is such suffering is a reason that CBS should probably still feel happy about: They have cultivated a very fine show. When you create quality, you generate outrage when you are not around. That is a part of the way of the world, but we imagine that the show somehow is going to find a way to handle that just fine.

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