ABC’s ‘Revenge’ season 4, episode 12 review: Is Louise really crazy?

Louise -After many weeks of trying to understand the Louise character on “Revenge” this season, we learned something about her tonight that is pretty valuable for her longevity as a character: She may not be as crazy as we, or anyone else, once thought.

Instead, we learned that her family has actually been poisoning her brain in a way using medication, that way she continues to give the impression of being crazy. Why? That is something that we are still curious to see play out. Still, we give both Elena Satine and the writers a lot of credit for making us care about this character. Weeks ago, we were not entirely sure that we were going to be able to do that, given that most other newcomers to the show tend to be negatively-received. At this point, we’re not too thrilled about Margaux, and we don’t even like David very much. But seeing Nolan try to stand up for his new friend, and orchestrate a potential takedown of his own? Pretty entertaining.

While the Louise story was a whole lot of fun for us to watch unfold, we are also aware that this is probably not what the majority of people are going to spend their time discussing moving into the days ahead. Instead, that particular subject of conversation will be most likely seeing what happened with Victoria and Emily. They may hate each other, but they now have themselves in the same position due to their over-ambition and desire to figure David out: Captured at the hands of Malcolm Black. They have to rely on others, and each other, if they want to stay alive.

This episode had a number of nice little moments in it throughout, and the David flashbacks gave us a slightly better sense as to where he was all of those years, and why he didn’t reach out to Emily. We still cannot say with a straight face that this was a wonderful episode as a whole, but many of its individual pieces worked. Grade: B.

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