‘Better Call Saul’ spoilers: See full trailer featuring Bob Odenkirk, chaos

After much waiting, AMC has finally released a brand new, trailer-length promo for “Better Call Saul.” Is it worth all of the hype? We’d certainly like to say so and then some. This may even be the video that you’ve been hoping to see for the show for quite some time.

What this video really gives us is some sort of positive inclination that this show is really trying to continue taking a few big risks, and give us more of a taste of the Saul Goodman character than we’ve even hoped for. At the time of the series, though, this man is named Jimmy McGill, and he is a struggling attorney hoping to make a name for himself. As he finds out, that is no easy task. He ends up alienating many close to him with his antics, and also his opinion that money is what matters more than anything else when it comes to dealing in the legal system. From his vantage point, he does not exactly find many other things nearly as important.

The biggest thing is that this trailer does very much feel funny, which we do think that “Better Call Saul” needs to be in order to fully work thanks to the nature of the Saul Goodman character. You really care for him, and you want to root for him almost in spite of everything that he has done.

This series will premiere on AMC come February 8, and it will air on Mondays starting on February 9. Stay tuned for much more!

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