‘Shark Tank’ review: Doorman, SkinnyShirt, Bantam Bagels, and Coffee Meets Bagel

Shark Tank CastWe’ve missed getting to dive into the “Shark Tank,” and with that in mind, Friday night’s new episode was a breath of fresh air. It also managed to make us a little hungry at times thanks to all of the talk about bagels (even if one of them is not actually food-related at all).

Want to see some of these products for yourself? Like every other review we put up on this site, you can click on any of the individual product names to be taken to their official websites. The following are our personal quick-takes on the products, along with the results.

Coffee Meets Bagel – They claim that it will “profoundly change” how people fall in love on the internet. We like some of the ideas behind how this app works, and how it tries to make things more personal. We don’t like the name (even with their explanation of it as code), and the super-secretive nature of them in the tank.

Aside from the creatives, our biggest issue with this product is money. They are currently losing cash with this business, and while their projections are great, they are projections! They are also taking salaries, and still need to get more and more investments. We wouldn’t want to take this bet. Mark Cuban suggested that maybe he would be when he asked about if they would take $30 million for the company. They weren’t biting on that, and therefore, they left with nothing.

SkinnyShirt – We’re no fashion experts, so it’s hard to judge this from that aspect. It seems like a good product. The problem here was that her manufacturing issues have fudged her numbers the past few years, and there was not a whole lot of a plan in terms of where the business was going to go from here. Maybe this will sell pretty well, but there wasn’t enough strength here to show the sharks that they needed to make a deal. Left with nothing.

Doorman – A very innovative way to deal with deliveries. We absolutely love the idea of getting your packages when you want them, and more than that, it felt like smart strategy on his part to simply go along with the deal the moment that he got close to what he wanted with Robert Herjavec. It’s funny that Mark Cuban never really got to make an offer given that he may have been valuable here, but Robert’s a great partner in this given his contacts and his experience.

Bantam Bagels – The real bagel product tonight! These looked delicious, and they probably are delicious! These guys should also be feeling pretty happy right now that they got a deal with Lori Greiner, though we would’ve went with Barbara Corcoran due to her experience in the field. Their challenge is mostly just finding a way to convince people that these are so good, they are worth ordering online to get.

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