‘The Bachelor’ spoilers: Will Ashley Iaconetti’s status as a virgin help with Chris Soules?

Ashley -We’re not making the title for this particular “Bachelor” article as such for the purposes of being crude; rather, this is precisely the question that is asked by some of the women in the new video from Monday night’s episode.

During this episode, Ashley Iaconetti reveals to some of her friends in the house that she is a virgin, but she has not told Chris Soules about it yet. It doesn’t seem like she is doing it for religious reasons; instead, this seems to be more of the case of her just not being able to find that perfect person for her just yet. She doesn’t seem to be altogether sure if this is a good thing or not, but Mackenzie in particular seems convinced that this is the greatest thing ever for Ashley. Why? her belief is that guys want to be with virgins, and she is “jealous” that Ashley has this that she can talk about with him at some point in the future.

We’re not entirely sure that we buy this explanation from Mackenzie, though, when it comes to Chris. We’re not talking about a 21-year old guy who is the same age as her; instead, this is a 33-year old man looking to settle down. We don’t get the sense that someone’s virginity really makes a difference to him so much as them being the right person. If anything, it may cause him to be a little tentative with her, given that he wants to make sure that if they have a first time, it is one with meaning.

We’ll see how long Ashley lasts this season, but for now, we do at least consider her a pretty interesting character with a unique story we don’t have on the show often.

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